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European Film Festival, Masar Ejbari, SemaZen, and More

This week, the 27th European Film Festival will take place until the 19th of September, at Haya Cultural Center (8:00 PM). Some films will be re-run at 5:00 PM at the EU National Institutes for Culture. On Tuesday, the festival will present the French film«Approved for Adoption» at Haya Cultural Center. The film features Jung, a little orphan, who is adopted and who grows accustomed to his white catholic Belgian family. But who is Jung actually? Is he Belgian? Korean? Or Japanese? Should he go back to his roots or reject them? So many insecurities lead to trouble, nightmares, misbehavior and punishment.

Maestro Music Bar & Restaurant, the first dedicated live music venue in in Al-Weidbeh, hosts three opening nights this week: Maii Walid and Zeid Hamdan (Thursday, 8:30 pm), Massar Egbari (Friday, 8:30 pm), and Yarub Smairat and The Group (Saturday, 8:30 pm).

Jadal for Knowledge and Culture hosts a “Positive Vibrations” night by SemaZen, which aims to help audience “heal and to elevate their state of being”, “through instrumental musical journeys, chanting, interactive sound exercises, and a co-creative jam”. Tickets: 5 JDs. (Thursday, 7:30 pm).

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