Art & Music in Amman This Week

January 5, 2014

This week Amman presents variable cultural events for your pleasure and entertainment.

Foresight32 Art Gallery will host an art exhibition entitled {Calligraphy Tsunami} by Adnan Yahya and Ibrahim Abu-Touq. The exhibit opening will take place on Monday (6:00 pm). Ibrahim Abu-Touq has been working for ten years heading art departments in various Jordanian companies. He has worked in furniture and interior design, in graphic design, and in publishing. He was awarded several prizes from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria. Adnan is a founding member of the Young Artists Association and a member of the Jordanian Fine Artists Association. He has held nine solo exhibitions and participated in over thirty collective exhibitions in the region and the world. He was awarded several prizes from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iran. Another art exhibit opening this week is Omran Younis’ “Human” at Zara Gallery, which will run from Monday until January the 28th.

El-Far3i and Satti (aka Ahmad Yaseen) will be playing an acoustic concert at Bargo’s on Thursday (8:30 pm).

For details on these events and many more, check out 7iber’s calendar, and if we missed anything you think we should add, drop us a line at [email protected]

** Please note that this post is ammended. The Obaider concert took place on Saturday and not Sunday. We apologize for the confusion.

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