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7iber is a media organization and online magazine that seeks to promote an open society that upholds values of accountability, rule of law, human rights, and pluralism, through in-depth multimedia journalism, critical analysis and public conversation.

7iber’s main activities are:

 1) producing and publishing original multimedia journalism and analysis, and providing a platform for critical conversation

2) extending the conversation by organizing public talks and debates

3) conducting research on Internet governance and digital rights

4) conducting trainings and workshops on various aspects of online media

7iber began in 2007 as a citizen media platform with the initial costs of the website covered by its founding members. Since 2009, 7iber has grown into a media organization that is a registered LLC in Jordan, and financed through grants and media projects.

Currently, our main supporters are the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), International Media Support (IMS), the Netherlands Embassy in Amman, Open Society Foundation (OSF), and the Swiss Embassy in Amman. In the past we’ve worked with Heinrich Boell Foundation, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), and Hivos, among others.

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