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A Locale-Driven and Values-Based Approach to Cultural Site Management

October 28, 2009

Dr. Rami Daher from TURATH: Architecture & Urban Design Consultants and from the German-Jordanian University will present a lecture entitled “A Locale-Driven and Values-Based Approach to Cultural Site Management) the case of Mkes Jordan" At 6:30 p.m. at the FOAH new center. The lecture will be presented in English and open to all members and guests. Map...

Have Your Say: 15 Years of Peace عبر عن رأيك: 15 عاما من السلام

October 27, 2009

peaceFifteen years ago King Hussein became the second Arab leader to sign a peace agreement with Israel, taking criticism from many sides, but also being heavily rewarded with US financial and political support. 15 years later, we ask, what has the Wadi Araba peace agreement done for Jordan? Have we benefited from the agreement? The secretary general of the Jordanian Communist Party, Munir Hamarneh, said the peace treaty granted Israel "time to carry out its agenda in the region." Has the agreement helped or hurt chances of peace in the region? What are your thoughts? Have your say here.

قبل خمسة عشر عاما، كان الملك حسين ثاني قائد عربي يوقع اتفاقية سلام مع إسرائيل – في خطوة تلقت انتقادات من جهات مختلفة، ولكن في ذات الوقت مكنت الأردن من الحصول على المزيد من الدعم المادي والسياسي. بعد مرور خمسة عشر...

Waiting Forbidden: A Jordanian/Palestinian/Dutch Dance Co-production

October 27, 2009

Al Balad Theatre in partnership with Dancing on the Edge Festival, Le Grand Cru, Grand Theatre, and El-Funoun Dance Troupe presents: Waiting Forbidden. Wednesday October 28th and Thursday October 29th at 8PM tickets 5JD. Waiting Forbidden Flyer...

VIDEO: Super Muhtram 2009

October 25, 2009

videott Produced by kharabeesh....

VIDEO: 350.org March in Amman

October 24, 2009

videott 350.org is an international organization that is working against climate change. Here is a video put together by Astrid Ellefsen, who is working and living in Amman....

Souq Tijaritna

October 23, 2009

If you ever wished to open your own business here in this initiative we provide you with the chance of having some training to get the chance of producing some kind of Goods, Hand Crafts, Designs and what so ever so you can sell it all in a small Kiosk to the public in Ras El-Ain " Amman Greater Municipality " in Sunday 21st of November Interested and want to know more about this SOUQ visit: www.qrce.org http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=160650303230 souktijaratna...

Everybody Texts Now: A Workshop on 'Data from Below' in the Middle East

October 23, 2009

Apply here: http://everybodytexts.eventbrite.com/?ref=esfb UNICEF Innovation and MobileActive.org invite you to attend a three-day workshop on distributed and real-time data collection, monitoring, and visualization of data with mobile technology. What is this About? With the ubiquity of mobile technology, data collection and monitoring of key indicators from the ground up by affected populations is now possible. Mobile technology in the hands of people can now be more than a person-to-person communication medium but can be used for capturing, classifying and transmitting image, audio, location and other data, interactively or autonomously. By involving people in defining and participating in their own data collection, this approach can address significant unmet challenges in large-scale data collection for public health and citizen participation. In this three-day workshop, we will explore the critical issues, technologies, and architectures involved in collecting and utilizing data-from-below, bringing together the key technology and research leaders on distributed data collection and distribution in the Middle East. What...

"Pomegranates and Myrrh" released in Amman

October 22, 2009

"Pomegranates and Myrr" Directed by Najwa Najjar and developed in RAWI Screenwriters Lab, released at Grand Cinema Zara Wadi Saqra and City Mall starting 14 October 2009
[caption id="attachment_3250" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Pomegranates & Myrrh"]Pomegranates & Myrrh[/caption] Awards Script Winner Screenplay Development Fund Amiens, France Cinema in Motion San Sebastian Film Festival (4 awards) 2008 Syopsis Ramallah this decade. A free spirited woman dancer, Kamar, finds herself the wife of a prisoner, Zaid, and away from everything she loves until she returns to the dance, defying society’s taboos. At the dance Kamar is confronted with Kais, a Palestinian returnee, who has taken Kamar's role as the head choreographer. Sparks fly between Kamar and Kais, creating more than a passionate, emotional dance for the both of them. Matters become even more complicated when Zaid's sentence is extended. At the same time the family's legal...

Meet Irish Filmmakers and Watch Irish Films

October 22, 2009

If you have missed the first two days of the Irish Film Festival in Amman, you still have a chance today. Join the panel discussion at 5:30 pm at the Royal Film Commission with Robert Manson (director), Piers McGrail (Cinematographer ) and Keith Mannix (director), who will discuss “Independent filmmaking experience in Ireland and aesthetics in Irish film”. This discussion will be followed by another session with theater and film actor David Ferguson talking about his experience with filmmakers and actors. Then, at 7:00 pm, you can enjoy a selection of five Irish short films: New Boy, by Stephen Green (15 min) In the presence of the producer Edwina Forkin. Death in the West By Keith Mannix, (27 minutes) In the presence of the director, Keith Mannix. Revelations, by Jane Lee (animation, 2'55) Frankie, by Dareen Thornton (12') The Wednesdays, by Conor Ferguson (13'35)...

A Golden Stone Thrown In The Lake

October 22, 2009

Palestinian Flags Written by Farah Mehdawi. I have certainly not been expecting Obama to pull the rabbit out of the hat and surprise us all with some solution that could push forward the peace process, especially after winning the Nobel Prize. While the world is dazzled with Obama's magical tunes with promises of peace, prosperity and a better future, the only thing people have seen are Mitchell's crocked eyebrow after his meetings with the Israelis, Clinton's warnings to the Israelis of seizing settlement construction. All the while suppressing Palestinians' right to proceed with discussing the Goldstone report in the UNHRC, simply to let things go smoothly between Israelis and Palestinians and keep all that has passed behind them. I haven’t been expecting the Palestinians to reconcile any time soon either. Simply because the whole issue of having to bring Hamas to this...