Jazz, films, and art in Amman this week

May 11, 2014

Jabal Amman’s Cultural Week continues until this Wednesday with various events to choose from. Events include screenings of short Jordanian films, both documentary and fictional, produced through training programs conducted by the Royal Film Commission both today and tomorrow at 7pm at the RFC. On Tuesday, in the presence of director Hazem Bitar and Rabee Zureiqat, the drama feature “Fish above Sea Level” will be screened at the Shoman Foundation (6:30 pm). The film is about Talal, a young Ammani professional, who discovers upon his father’s death that he is penniless. His late father, in an attempt to shore up his failing investments, mortgaged the family house. Talal has few days to save the family house in Amman from foreclosure. His only way out is to sell a farm house once owned by his late father in a village by the Dead Sea with a dark past. At the village he meets Dawoud, a young farmer who lives in the farm house. Before Talal can do anything with the farm house, Dawoud’s approval is essential. For the full schedule of Jabal Amman’s Cultural Week, visit our calendar here.

Today, as well as on coming Sundays, 7iber Café will be hosting outdoor yoga sessions on a beautiful roof overlooking downtown Amman (6:30 pm). For more information, visit this link.

Amman Jazz Festival offers multiple music performances, including concerts by Yuichiro Tokuda, an award-winning Japanese artist, and by Kekko Fornarelli & Roberto Cherillo from Italy. On Saturday in Al Balad Theater, Jordanian jazz band, Sign of Thyme, will also perform at 7 pm. For more details on Amman Jazz, visit this page of our calendar.

This Thursday, Darat Al Funun hosts an exhibition talk titled, “In And Out Of The Studio” (6:30 pm). Collector Joseph E. Malikian will talk about the first generation of Armenian photographers and their influence in sparking photography studios throughout the region, while Dr. Hisham Khatib will focus on Palestinian and Jordanian studio photographers. Hrair Sarkissian will talk about the challenges faced in the preservation of photographic archives, and how to ensure that these collections containing irreplaceable historic knowledge will be passed on to future generations. The talk will be partly in English and partly in Arabic.

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