Why Did the Jordanian Cross the Road?

السبت 07 آذار 2009

Death Wish

Photo by Nadine Toukan

Why did the Jordanian cross the street?

Two seconds before I clicked the pic, this sensible citizen was perched on the railing about to get off on the other side, where he landed elegantly on a flushed edge, and as you can see unhooked his bag and crossed the street….to get to the other side, of course!

A few meters behind him down the street – busy Mecca Street/Amman, across from the Social Security building right there in the back, is a pedestrian bridge. A few meters down that, is yet another pedestrian bridge!

So… how does the city develop to include kamikaze-idiots-with-their-common-sense-gene-mutated, and everyone else?

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