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عشتار في الأندلس: أوبيدر باند | Ishtar in Andalucia: Obaider Band

August 14, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

| 5JD – 20JD

عشتار في الأندلس (فرقة أبيدر)

الحضارة العربية و الإسبانية كانت و ما زالت مندمجة حتى الجذور، في هذا الحفل ستستمعون لجذور الموسيقى العربية الإسبانية و الشعر الأندلسي المغنى.
1- على ذكر الحبيب
2- عشتار في الأندلس
4- أيها الطيف
5-بلا كل حبٍ
6-أمام حسنك
7- يا سالب القلب
8- لا تخف

1- بيدر المناصرة (جيتار)
2- أُبي البيطار (جيتار)
3- عواد عواد (إيقاع)
4- رشيد الحسن (فلوت،ناي)
5- إبراهيم نعواس (بيس)

2- حلا عصفور

سعر التذكرة:
5 دنانير
VIP: 10 or 20 JD depending on the seats

للحجز و الإستفسار و شراء التذاكر:

بتول هندي(شارع الجامعة):0797321696

هيا ميرزا(المدينة الرياضية): 0798863365

أبي البيطار(الدوار الثاني) : 0795952818

بيدر المناصرة ( دوار الداخلية): 0797584538

هلا شحتيت (خلدا) :0797052404

نجوان حدادين (أم السماق): 0795645627

علي الفارس (ضاحية الرشيد) : 0799640493

مؤيد الثلجي (عبدون،صويفية) : 0790046970



[email protected]


Ishtar in Andalucía ‘’Obaider Band’’

Project idea:
The Arabian Spanish culture have always been mixed to its roots, we are showing the music roots that make those two cultures unique.
Since the time that Ziryab moved from Iraq to Andalucía He was a great influence on Spanish music, and is considered the founder of the Andalusia music traditions of North Africa. And before he arrive to Andalusia he lived and worked in Iraq that had a big influence on his music which lead us to Ishtar Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and love, She is the counterpart to the Sumerian Inanna, and is the cognate for the Northwest Semitic Armin goddess Astarte. Obaider band trying through this musical project to Imagine Ishtar walking in the streets of Andalusia where Ziryab Lived, loved and felt every corner of Andalusia through his music.


1-Mentioning my beloved
2-Ishtar in Andalucía
4-Lovely shadow
5-Every Love
6-In front of your beauty
7-Ya Saleb
8-Don’t hide

1- Baider Manasrah (Lead guitar)
2- Obai Al-Bitar (Lead guitar)
3- Awwad Awwad (Percussion)
4- Rasheed Al- Hassan ( Flute- Nay)
5- Ibrahim Nawas (Bass)

1- Hala Asfour. (Jordan)
2- YAN. (Jordan)

Obaider Band.

Obaider band: Have been established and organized in 2007 by the two Flamenco guitarist Baider Manasrah, Obai Al-Bitar, Obaider have played in different festivals in Jordan, Palestine, Sweden and Denmark, attended musical projects and worked with musicians from all over the world.

Obaider has published their first Album ‘’Return my soul’’ That contain songs inspired by Andalusia Arab poetry that goes back to 1000 years, as well as modern Arab poetry, including oriental flamenco fusion.

The goal of our style: Music, art and languages could bring the whole world united together under the same flag, creating a new union between two cultures. They have the power to make opposing societies understand each other, and create relations built on love and understanding, Our goal in this album is to erase the borders of the world that separate people by building a new unifying culture. The fusion of Spanish and Arabian cultures is the example in this album, In the near future we are going to work on other combinations that bring cultures closer to each other by working with different musicians around the world.

Ticket price: 5 JD
VIP: 10 or 20 jd depends on the seats

For reservation & Tickets:

Batoul Hindi (university street) : 0797321696

Yara nasser (8th circle): 0796441597

Hia Merza (Sport city) 0798863365

Hala Shahtit (khalda)0797052404

Najwan Hadadin (um al sumaq) 0795645627

Obai Al-Bitar (Second circle) 0795952818

Baider Al-Manasrah (Dakhlyeh circle, Jabal Al hussien) 0797584538

Ali Al-Fares (Dahyet Al-Rashed) 0799640493

For more Information Please contact us on:



[email protected]

Mobile: 0797584538


August 14, 2015
8:00 pm
5JD – 20JD
Event Category:


تراسانطة |Terra Sancta College
جبل اللويبدة, Amman, Jordan

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