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الجمعة 18 أيار 2007

The press room is not the most glorious place to be in such events; this much I’ve discovered. Around me are people from all over the world. In fact right next to me is an AP reporter who has not used deodorant since 1975. Luckily the place is air conditioned so the heat of the Dead Sea has not seeped into the King Hussein Convention Center. Moreover, the facilities are pretty decent. A big flat screen TV provides a live feed of the sessions that grunts members of the press are not privy to. The entire center is wired for wireless internet access, which is a must these days. The press room is littered with journalists and everyone is typing away, or on the phone or sifting through papers. Their voices however overshadow the speakers and half the time it’s difficult to hear what anyone is saying.

Right now the opening address by HM King Abdullah II has ended and the opening plenary session with the co-chairs is under way. I’ll be back to round up what some of these key figures have had to say, especially Fadi Ghandour, the CEO of Jordan’s ARAMEX.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s a visual feel of what it’s like in the Press Room…

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