In His Honor: Amman Welcomes Mahmoud Darwish

الأربعاء 13 آب 2008

Written By: Naseem Tarawnah

As I write this, I am overcome with a surge of sadness that has not resonated in my heart for quite a long time. For as I write this, the great Arab poet, Mahmoud Darwish, one of my personal heroes, is being laid to rest in Ramallah; mind you, not his village of birth, Al-Birwa (now western Galilee). As I write this, many have flocked the streets of Ramallah to greet the body of an Ambassador and a Champion of the Palestinian cause; the Arab cause.

jordan palestine darwish

Darwish’s body was flown from the US to Amman, where I was fortunate enough to attend a rather solemn ceremony that included various dignitaries, ministers and Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad. His coffin, draped in a Palestinian flag, was carried forth by Palestinian Liberation Army officers, as Jordanian honor guards saluted the great poet. After a serious of eulogies remembering Darwish, his casket was flown by a Jordanian military helicopter to Ramallah, to be greeted by his homeland for the final time.

Jordanian Honor Guard salutes, while Palestinian Liberation Army officers carry the casket of Mahmoud Darwish off the plane.

Salam Fayyad Eulogizes Mahmoud Darwish as his body arrives in Amman, Jordan

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