Jordanian Bloggers Mourn Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish

الثلاثاء 12 آب 2008

Written By: Naseem Tarawnah
Via: Global Voices Online

The Jordanian blogosphere has been mourning the great Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, who passed away from complications due to open-heart surgery at the age of 67 this week. For Jordanians, Darwish was more than just a master of words. He is perceived as an ambassador and champion of the Palestinian cause; articulating the sentiment on the street in the most poetic renderings.

Blogger Ammar Sajdi described Darwish as “A poet who leaves an eternal legacy of legendary master pieces that simply pierced through ears, the minds and the hearts of the masses”

Amjad described the unfortunate event as a “A true sad day for the whole nation”, while Mais wonders “who will continue to document the bleeding Palestinian wound?” (Arabic)

Tololy posts “State of Siege”, a classic Darwish poem, declaring: “How do you mourn a poet?
You don’t. You mourn the world without him.”

Most Jordanian bloggers have chosen to mourn Darwish by posting various pieces of his poetry in both Arabic and English, for all to read, eulogizing the famous poet with his very own words.

Asoom is forced to recall her college Arabic professor who opened her eyes to the works poetry of Mahmoud Darwish, while Iman recalls attending what would become his final poetry reading in Ramallah’s Cultural Palace back in June.

Photo of Mahmoud Darwish from Wikimedia Commons

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