Storify: Jordanian Reactions to the Atlantic’s Feature on King Abdullah


The Atlantic Magazine’s feature with HM King Abdullah “Monarch in the Middle” (and the New York Times’ article that highlights some of the main quotes) made headlines all over Jordanian news websites today and generated wide reactions on facebook and twitter. Here are glimpses of comments and reactions. (English translation follows each tweet or comment)

  • Husam Aldahiyat

    That’s it? Boooo I want more reactions!!!

  • Mohammad Omar

    hahahahahahahaaaaaa run forrest run ..

  • Hebron

    To all of those who responded to the interview saying
    that what the king said is offending and started circulating the article and
    its Arabic translated issue without waiting the actual full interview to come
    out, and without taking into consideration who this fucked up Zionist Jeffrey Goldberg is , am telling you, you are becoming part of chaos
    that is coming and you are escalating the situation to a levels that we
    Jordanians are not ready for and our country will NOT handle……go and see what
    is happening in every single country around us and you will see what’s coming
    to Jordan…….for the records I have never been a supporter to King Abdulla II and
    his policy in running the country but for sure we will not accept to be
    directed by Zionists you fools……..stop your stupid circulation for jokes and
    comments and just shut the fuck up you are slipping the country from our