Gaza Calling: A Charity Concert For Gaza

الأحد 18 كانون الثاني 2009

Aziz Maraka and Humam Ammari performing live at the Courtyard

Written By: Shaden Abdulrahman

As the outrageous attacks on Gaza district by the Israeli military forces entered its 22nd day; Jordanians continued to condemn these attacks each in his/her own way. And while a number of previously planned concerts were canceled or postponed, some took place to support people in Gaza and protest the massacres taking place in the neighboring country.

Play 99.6 in joined efforts with a number of Jordanian companies to put on a show featuring Palestinian band Ramallah Underground, Jordanian singer/composer Aziz Maraka, Humam Ammari, DJ Sotusura and EP. On their blog, Play 99,6 had announced that all proceeds from the concert would be used to buy essential medicines, food, and blankets for Gaza through the Jordan River Foundation.

The concert started with DJ Sotusura followed by some of EP’s intellectual electronic music with live visuals by Blouzaat. Half an hour later, Ramallah Underground blazed the stage with their powerful rap. RU performed a few new songs in addition to old masterpieces such as “Nateejeh Bala Shoghol”, “Min El- Kahif” and “Taht El-Anqad”. Some of these songs called on the Arab youth to rise up and lead the change in their world, while some told the tragic stories of devastated Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation.

Ramallah Underground singing “Nateejeh Bala Shoghol”

Next up was Humam Ammari and Aziz Maraka Band. Humam who said he wasn’t surprised that such a big number of people came to support Gaza, performed several songs including John Mayer’s “Waiting on the world to change” and we were surprised but equally lucky to listen to Aziz’s “Ebki” as his appearance hadn’t been announced prior to the concert. Aziz has been asking his fans to boycott companies that support Israel on his facebook fan page.

The concert lasted for two and a half hours during which hundreds of people enjoyed their time and simultaneously made a statement. It’s a great feeling when Arab artists come together for a good cause, and what could be greater than supporting our brothers and sisters in Gaza?

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