Filipina Workers in Jordan

الثلاثاء 29 كانون الثاني 2008

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Written by Emily

In a new Jordan Times article, Hani Hazaimeh reports again that

According to DHAA officials, the complaints included ill-treatment by employers and being overworked, said Faouri, who believes the workers’ reasons for wanting to leave their posts were homesickness and cultural differences between Jordan and the Philippines.

The Jordan Times still fails to mention the real allegations, which include serious abuses such as non-payment of wages, physical abuse and rape.

The article is unclear as to whether the hundreds of women who sought refuge at their embassy were forced to pay a fine for terminating their contracts:

On December 9, the Philippine embassy approached the ministry seeking its assistance to waive fines for around 100 domestic helpers for violating residency regulations in order to be sent home at the expense of the embassy, said Habashneh.

“The ministry did not accept the embassy’s proposal because it would harm the interests of local domestic helper recruitment agencies with which these workers are bound by a two-year contract,” he added.

The Jordan Times appears to be laying the blame for the situation squarely upon the Filipina workers themselves for not being well-adjusted enough:

The ministry pointed out the necessity to hold orientation and awareness programmes on Jordanian culture to the Filipino workers before they are brought into the Kingdom, Habashneh added.

What about orientations for the families bringing a foreign person to work in their homes? What about putting sexual assault response services into place for women who speak Tagalog and other languages? What about the police and the Labor Ministry taking some of these allegations seriously?

Come on, Hazaimeh, Jordan Times, you’re better than this!!!!!

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