I Have a Baby Dream

الثلاثاء 05 أيار 2009

Date: 26 Apr 2009.
Location: The Abdali project construction area behind Ministry of Industry and Trade. Just off Al-Ameen St.


I have a baby dream that each child riding an automobile in Jordan actually sits down safely. Most frequently, they’d be at the rear seat area, not sitting, between the 2 front seats, probably blocking the driver’s view in the rear view mirror.
I have a baby dream that each Jordanian child does not sit in the driver’s lap.
I have a baby dream that there are never two very young children that share the passenger seat next to the driver, naturally with no seat belt on.
I have a baby dream that there is never a child sticking his fragile head out of the window typically to enjoy the lovely diesel and petrol infused breeze.
I have a dream to never see a flock of children in the trunk of a station wagon, van, pickup or other mass transport vehicle.
My dream is for each child in Jordan to sit in the rear seat happily secured by the seat belt.
I have a baby dream.

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