Thanks for the Food/Clothing Drive

السبت 10 كانون الثاني 2009


I want to start by thanking everyone who did or tried to help in the (Food-Clothing-Drive) campaign, this is the minimum we can accomplish for those whom no accomplishment would have been reached without; “Gaza and our people in Gaza.”

To be honest; I don’t share thoughts a lot in a wide range, I mean; its not like I’m just picking a theme to write about, or I ran out of ideas! NO;this time I’m gloomy; sick of all the nonsense happening around us and all we do is accepting not to be accepted.

Away from philosophies, and cliche’s we hear all the time; the situation is becoming a bit hard to understand. Seeing our brothers and sisters,families and relatives getting slaughtered in that brutal way,is growing to be more than just news,no;it’s drifting to be the only cause of our Nation’s elimination that we watch silently;then we nod our heads trying to hide our Defeat & Ignominy!!!

Words won’t help us any more,nor the literalism of writing!!…
Actions must be taken by leaders,but the DROLL is that we have NONE!!…

ALAS guys!!! let us stop mocking ourselves By Crawling in the tails of POLITICS, PATROIASM, FACTIONALISM..For GOD sake;lets us fight at least for once,in the name of HUMANITY!!!

“GOD ALMIGHTY have decided our destiny,but he always gives us a CHOICE..” !!

Dulama Hamad

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