"The Art of Editing" workshop

الثلاثاء 03 تشرين الثاني 2009

The Royal Film Commission (RFC) is pleased to announce ‘The Art of Editing’ workshop with industry acclaimed film editor, Keith Reamer. Keith has edited over 30 feature films in the U.S.A., including I Shot Andy Warhol, Amreeka, Stephanie Daley, American Swing, Ballot of Little Jo, Three Seasons and Songcatcher among many more! For more information on Keith, please visit his website, http://keithreamer.com/HOME.html.

‘The Art of Editing’ workshop will offer instructions and practical experience in the art and craft of film editing, for students that already have a basic knowledge of filmmaking and of editing, in particular. The objective of this workshop is to broaden the student’s knowledge of, and approach to, film editing, as a craft in and of itself, and as it relates to the filmmaking process as a whole.

The course will be a combination of lecture, discussion, readings (take home), screenings, and – most importantly – intensive, in class exercises involving both shooting and editing. Students are expected to make a complete time commitment to the course. They will be expected to participate in open discussions, critiques and all exercises.

Duration: Eight days
Date: November 6-14
Time: Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 – 19:00, Sunday through Thursday from 12:00-18:00, Wednesday is off
Location: Film House, Jabal Amman

Instructors: Film Editor: Keith Reamer
Teaching Assistants: Ayham Abu Hammad and Mohammed Suleiman

How to apply:
Please fill in the application form (below) fully and make sure to include the following when you submit an application:

1. Filmmaker CV
2. Letter of Motivation – Why do you want to participate in the ‘Art of Editing’ workshop?
3. If you have worked on or edited a film please provide us with a copy on DVD (if you are submitting a DVD please bring it to our office and submit to Carla Dabis)
4. Application (to request an application; please send an email to [email protected])

Pre requisites:
Familiar with post production process, very comfortable using Avid interface, basic camera skills

Please send your application form and the above documents by e-mail to: [email protected] and type under subject the title of the workshop, Subject: Art of Editing Workshop.

For further information please contact the RFC at the following number:
06 461 3835, ext. 109

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