UFOs in Al Jaffr

السبت 03 نيسان 2010

By Rima Saifi
news If you were going through a certain newspaper’s headlines while drinking your morning coffee on Thursday, you would have certainly read the whole article. If you missed it, you would’ve heard about it during the drive to work on the radio’s morning show, and if you missed it then you would’ve heard about it from a colleague , a family member or a friend. It just couldn’t be missed.
Al Ghad newspaper published on its first page yesterday the following headlines:
Detection of 3-meter Tall Large Creatures talking in an Unrecognizable Language
The Closure of an Area near Al Jaffr after the Landing of UFOs
The newspaper added that people weren’t able to take photos because their mobiles died and it even gave names and said that government officials who wanted to stay anonymous said that “NASA” had been approached to help in this matter.

My first reaction is this possible ? UFOs landing in Jordan? It was in the newspaper! Then I started thinking where is Al Jaffr? And where is the proof?

It was a refreshing piece of news, talk about reviving childhood fantasies and curiosities!

I took my newspaper to the office, on the way I heard them discussing the matter on the radio; I thought to myself this must be big. I wonder if Al Rai or Al-Dustour  wrote about it. I couldn’t wait to show the newspaper to my colleagues, I think I stopped being an adult for a short while.

My Colleagues reactions differed, those who wouldn’t believe it were sarcastic saying anywhere but Jordan, others were suspicious and said that whatever it was, it was scary. One was smart or analytical enough to notice that it was April’s fool and it must be a prank from the newspaper. And the office went Aha!
Aha! Huh? Or Wow!
I thought Aha! It is true. The newspaper  did pull a prank on us.

I thought  Huh? Why would it do that? It would cause unease at Al Jaffr .What about the people living there? The Police department there was jammed by telephones from concerned citizens.

I thought Wow Al Ghad must be sure of its credibility to jeopardize it to this extent. It is a great marketing stunt everybody were talking about Al Ghad in the Radio, at work and at home. It is informative; I now know that there’s a place caller Al Jaffr. It’s entertaining and it made many of us smile.
In all cases, it did break the routine.

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