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الإثنين 03 تشرين الثاني 2014
La Jetee film

This week, 7iber’s LaSilkee hosts a talk on the digital documentation of Arabic recent events, discussing whether new tools have made it easier to dismantle the dominant discourse describing current events in the region. Long time Wikipedia editors Rami Tarawneh and Maisara Abdul Haq will join the talk (Monday, 7:00 pm).

On Tuesday, Makan hosts “Whose Gaze Is It Anyway?”, an illustrated lecture by writer, curator and editor Omar Kholeif, taking us through a journey of recent projects, interweaving cinema, performance, and critical analysis, focusing on the colonised image (7:00 pm).

Darat al Funun presents an extensive survey of select work from Emily Jacir’s oeuvre, including film and video works, installations, interventions, audio works, and sculpture. The exhibition contains key works presented together for the first time, as well as several rarely seen works. This includes two site-specific works that have not been shown since they were created in 1999, Everywhere/Nowhere, and from Amman to Bethlehem (contraband) (Tuesday, 7:00 pm).

Also in Darat Al Funun, The Film and Architecture series will screen its third film this weekend. The series explores the role of architecture as an agent of action and its impact on both narrative and theme. This Saturday’s episode is the 1962 French science fiction “La Jetée”. Constructed almost entirely from still photos, it tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel (4:00 pm).

Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 award winning film, Full Metal Jacket, will be screened this Tuesday in Shoman Foundation. The film follows a group of aspiring young men as they endure the trials of basic training in their quest to become Marines and, ultimately, soldiers in the Vietnam War (7:30 pm).

For more information on arts and culture events in Amman, visit 7iber’s cultural calender. To add related events to our agenda, please write us at [email protected].


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